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Solar tracking systems (trackers)

When you install a solar system, you’ll want to generate as much electricity as you can in order to increase your earnings.


One of the main factors that determines the amount of electricity that the system can produce is the angle the sun's rays hit the panels on the roof. In a static system, most production of electricity occurs in the middle of the day when the angle of the sun’s rays on the panels is relatively direct.

But what happens in the morning and afternoon when the angle of the sun's rays changes?

During these hours of the day, electricity production drops significantly, which has a direct effect on your earnings.


Our solution: A dynamic system, which, like a sunflower, knows how to turn in order to always face the sun. We place the panels at a direct angle to the sun's rays, ensuring optimal production of electricity all day long. Add to this:

A simple and reliable system

The same maintenance costs as for conventional static systems

A marginal increase in cost versus a large increase in earnings

And you get: Increased electricity production per installed kilowatt, an increase in the system's output, and growth of financial profit for the project of up to 30% a year compared to a static system with the same capacity!

A solar tracking system versus a static system – Daily output

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 11.37.11.png

Is this system right for you?

In spite of the objectively obvious benefits of having a solar tracking system, we don’t recommend it to every customer; only in cases where it will actually increase profit from the project. A solar tracking system is the perfect solution under several conditions:

  • The size of the roof allows installing the tracking system without having to reduce the installed capacity.

  • The electrical connection limits us to a small power system in relation to the roof size.

  • Regulation limits us to producing only a certain amount of electricity (100 kW).

  • We would like to get a return on our financial investment as soon as possible.

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