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Etzioni Systems – Our Story

It all started more than a decade ago as we were about to install a small solar system on the roof of a shed in the backyard.

We said to ourselves that it makes no sense not to take advantage of the sun during all hours of the day.

Every attempt to find a company to provide us with a system to track the sun failed.

We didn't give up. We researched and studied, we started keeping notebooks, we made drawings, did the planning, and ordered the materials we needed. Then, we took two weeks off work and installed a solar tracking system by ourselves.

And the rest is history...

We saw that it was going well so, in 2012, we established Etzioni Systems Ltd.

Since then, we have gained knowledge and expertise, become specialists in licensing, expanded our Planning and Service departments, increased the number of construction teams, and have constructed hundreds of solar systems all over the country – both static and sun tracking systems.

What do we think is important that you know about us?


That, with us, you’ll have a solution for all the stages of a project – a ONE STOP SHOP

Starting from the initial consultation and planning stage, through licensing and obtaining permits, procurement and construction, and up to maintenance and ongoing monitoring – we’re here for you.


That we put service first and foremost!

Our customers know that we are always here for them – for the owners of the company and down to the last employee!


That we will always offer you the best

Every part of the system we install will be of the highest quality to make sure that the solar system produces the maximum it can with minimum malfunctions throughout the lifetime of the project.


That, with us, there is no small print

You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting and if there are any constraints/problems that may affect the project.


That our construction teams are among the most accomplished and experienced in the industry.

Our teams are trained in a wide variety of professional areas, including safety, working at height, and electricity. Every project is assigned a manager with more than a decade of experience in solar energy.


That we believe that investing in solar systems is the smart thing to do and totally worthwhile

This is why we have set up a number of different options for entering into an arrangement that allows anyone to turn their roof into a stable source of income, in the best way they can.


That we don't just sit back; we’re always on the lookout for the next best thing

Just as we pioneered tracking systems and installing systems on greenhouses, these days, we are pioneering energy storage and the grid.


In short

As one of most long-standing companies in the industry, we come with a great deal of knowledge, attentiveness to needs, and flexible thinking.

We know how to change and to adapt systems to the frequent changes in regulation and to the nature of each client's activity.

Our careful planning and execution and exceptional customer service allows us to give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you are getting the best and that someone is there for you even after your system has been constructed.

Solar Energy
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